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Uniqueness Of Kaaviya Homes


Why we give 58% UDS?

In one ground land (2400 sft), we build 4100 sft only, whereas others build unethically upto 5000- 6500 sft in same land! Just ask for how much UDS given? Simply, this is the easiest way to check the credibility of a builder!

In future, if you want to sell (or) reconstruct, your high UDS will give you the safest & maximum returns!

Why we give double car parks (2CCP)?

Our main intention is not to build any unauthorised flat/ shop in ground floor, so we efficiently planned to give 2CCP

After owning 300-350 sq.ft. of parking space, many of our buyers bought second car too. Also you can park your guest's / visitor's car too.

It can be used as kids play area / party space.



Advantages of clear 5ft. setbacks

It will ensure proper ventilation for all flats. Healthy & happy living starts here.

It will ensure proper execution & maintenance of plumbing lines, easy to handle.

It will ensure space to grow plants and trees for a greener world.

Unfortunately only less than 5% flats has this 'most essential & important' 5ft. setback!

Top 10 Checklist For A Safe Flat

While visiting any flat in chennai, just check these 10 points, buy anywhere, if you find better than our’s!

  • 1. How much UDS (UnDivided Share of Land) Given?

    (We Give 58% UDS)

  • 2. How much side setback given?

    (We give 5ft-7.5ft as side setback)

  • 3. How much car parking space given?

    (We give 300-350sft as car park)

  • 4. Does it affected in recent floods?

    (Ours is flood free location)

  • 5. What are the other facilities/benifits you get?

    (We have spacious double car park, kids play area, party hall, CCTV, security, lift, ample garden space, lifetime ventilation, good water, eco friendly products for lowest maintenance)

  • 6. How much is net cost & maintenance you pay?

    (Our net cost is 39- 44L & maintenance Rs.500-800%- only)

  • 7. How long you need to wait for occupying?

    (Our flat is fully ready, already 13 flats occupied)

  • 8. How far from OMR-Siruseri?

    (Ideally located in between navalur - siruseri- sholinganallur - medavakkam)

  • 9. Why is the appreciation potential?

    (Always, upcoming areas will appreciate hugely & quickly. As we did a flat for 25L in 2005, in 10 years, it reached more than 1.25Cr. worth)

  • 10. How much reliable, safe deal you get?

    (We have 40+ years of clean track record! you can vist any of our completed projects & then come to us)

Double car park, 58% UDS, Kids play area, Party hall, Security, Lift, CCTV & 5ft all-round setbackEnquire Now!