• Why you need a double car park? What are the other benefits in it? +

    1. Our main intention is not to build any unauthorised flat/ shop in ground floor, so we efficiently planned in such a way to give double car park for all flats.
    2. Visitor’s cars also can be parked inside.
    3. It can be used as kids play area, party space also.
  • What is UDS (undivided share of land)? Why it’s so important? +

    1. In one ground land (2400 sft), we build around 4100 sft only, whereas others build unethically upto 5000- 6500 sft in same land! Simply ask for how much UDS they give with any builder, this is one of the easiest way to check the credibility of a builder!
    2. In future, if you want to sell, your high UDS will give you the safest & maximum returns!
  • Why clear setbacks needed alround? +

    Usually, for normal G+2 flats, minimum 5 ft setback is needed alround (based on size & land extent, setback can vary, but in general 5 ft alround is basic)

    Advantages of clear 5ft setbacks:

    1. It will ensure proper ventilation for all flats. Healthy & happy living starts here.
    2. It will ensure proper execution & maintenance of plumbing lines, easy to handle.
    3. It will ensure enough space to grow plants, trees, for a greener world.
    4. Unfortunately only less than 5% building has this ‘most essential & important’ 5ft setback!

  • How to make a practical choice, in choosing a flat? +

    Everyone might have a dream of owning a big ‘luxury’ home/ car! But, think again which one is more practical, efficient one! B’cas, a luxury home may cost several crores & very high maintenance, Whereas, smart flat like ours comes @ just 40L & lowest maintenance charges!… so, instead of ‘just dreaming for big one’ for 10-15 years, take some practical, efficient choices & start living in it, also, you could change to bigger one in future!
  • Which one is the best property? How to choose it? +

    Actually, no project is 100% gold, like every human being, each project has its own plus & minus, check with your needs/ expectations, if everything seems suitable to you, practically, be ready to give up few minus, if any!
  • When is the right time to buy a home? +

    If find a right property with matching all your needs, espl. Budget! Just jump in & book it soon! B’cas no 2 flat is same, each flat is unique! For eg. If you want to buy a share/ mutual fund, you can buy anywhere at any cost!, If you want a particular car/ jewel design, you can order & get it soon, but in flat, we can’t create a same one! Within a project, each flat has its own uniqueness!
  • Is it right to do spot bookings, that too for few gold coins? +

    Pls don’t do spot booking, just do smart booking! (Get the details, make your own calculations, discuss with experts, but act smartly & quickly) as this could protect you from getting into a wrong project just b’cas of spot booking & also missing a right project by delay in deciding! Surely, an investment like 40-50lacs needs more attention & care, so, don’t do spot booking, also, don’t delay, if you find something right!
  • How to compare & choose a project/ builder, from others? +

    Home buying is not like a mobile buying, where you can buy a mobile by just comparing the price alone, anyway, you will get a sealed product with same service/ warranty from all leading shops. But whereas, in flats, each flat is unique within a single project! For eg. Just imagine, Just a coffee sells at tea shop for Rs.10/- regular hotel for Rs.50/- Star hotels for Rs. 500/-. Each segment deserves its own customers. If you want to compare a project, pls do with equal range of project, then only you will be able to make a wise decision!
  • As a buyer, what can I do to get a best service, hassle free deal? +

    Yes, surely you can help us in many ways for a win-win deal! Inspite of all material, labour shortage/ increase, delay/ changes in govt. norms, rain,… we have to assure you on quality, timely completion, price, service,… at the same time, only thing we expect from you is, ‘timely payments’! pls help us to serve you better!
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